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Kegels Don’t Work?

Five Kegel Mistakes
You Could Be Making

by Alyce Adams, RN

We’ve all heard about kegels, exercises for the pelvic floor muscles. You know you should do them -- because kegels can help you stop peeing in your pants, reduce or eliminate prolapse symptoms (cystocele, rectocele, or uterine prolapse), and revolutionize your sex life. But a lot of women think kegels just don’t work, because they do them wrong. Continued...


My Sex Life Changed from Mediocre to Mind-Blowing, Because of Kegels!

Three Ways Kegels Can Transform Your Sexual Anatomy and Revolutionize Your Sex Life

by Alyce Adams, RN

After I gave birth to my daughter, my sex life sucked, for years. It wasn’t just because my partner and I were exhausted and barely had the time for adult conversation, let alone sex. The problem was that sex just didn’t feel the same for either one of us. We didn’t have the same level of sensation we’d had before.

Are You Considering Hysterectomy,
Prolapse Surgery, or
Surgery for Leaking Pee?
Consider Kegels First -- But
Make Sure You Do Kegels Right

by Alyce Adams, RN

“Susan”* had surgery scheduled to find relief from incontinence. She leaked pee so badly she was like a prisoner in her own home, chained to the bathroom. After just two weeks of kegels, she was able to take a two-mile walk with almost no leaks. Three months later, she says kegels have “given back my life and my freedom.”

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