Can you…

Lift and support Prolapse — without surgery?

Restore Bladder Control — without drugs and devices?

Find out

How to Lift Prolapse and Stop Incontinence Without Drugs and Without Surgery:

The 3 Must-Have Keys for Success

with Alyce Adams, RN, the Kegel Queen®

P.S. Also, better sex!

Vaginal prolapse — gone! Sex with husband, OMG! Wonderful!  Hold my pee, easy!

Jill, Certified Professional Medical Coder, Oregon

Disclaimer regarding all testimonials shown on this page: These results are not typical. Most people do nothing and get no results. Names of some Kegel Queen members quoted here have been changed to protect privacy. Will kegels help you? See our FAQ page.

Are you suffering with the discomfort, bulging, and worry of vaginal prolapse?

Cystocele, uterine prolapse, enterocele, rectocele

Do you feel the shame, embarrassment, and inconvenience of losing bladder control?

Have you lost the pleasure you used to have with sex?

Would you like to solve your pelvic health problems with

  • NO dangerous, painful surgery
  • NO drugs
  • NO awkward and confusing kegel devices
  • NO negative side effects

Just one positive side effect: better sex!

You’re in the right place 
Especially if kegels never worked for you before.

Your next easy step: 

Marlene is a friend who became a customer.

I asked for her comments…

I always thought kegels just didn’t work. I didn’t know I was doing them wrong, for years!

Marlene Elliott, interpreter, Seattle, WA


I’m Alyce Adams, RN.

I’m the Kegel Queen®. I specialize in pelvic floor muscle training and helping women improve prolapse and incontinence without surgery.

I believe that for women suffering with vaginal prolapse or urinary incontinence, surgery may have a place, but surgery should be a last resort.

I believe that women deserve full information about safe, effective alternatives.

And I believe that most women fail with kegels because the instructions they got were incorrect, incomplete, or just not right for them.

99.99% of women are doing kegels wrong!

If you are a woman suffering with prolapse or incontinence, I can help you go from feeling uncomfortable, hopeless, and embarrassed to active, confident, and in control.

Here’s what women are saying about the  Kegel Queen Program


" I feel young, strong and free."


" Given me back a sense of CONTROL over my body. "


" I feel more feminine."


" I’m already having better sex. "


" Less anxious about the whole issue of prolapse."


" Excited and relieved to find a solution."


" You really gave me back my life and my freedom. "

See more Kegel Queen success stories here!

How to Get Started

Step 1: Join the Free  Webinar

How to Lift Prolapse and Stop Incontinence Without Drugs and Without Surgery:

The 3 Must-Have Keys for Success

In this webinar you’ll discover:

  • How bladder control and pelvic prolapse can get better, without the dangers of surgery or unpleasant medication side effects, so you stay active and feel great
  • Two “danger-down-there” exercise moves to avoid, and safer alternatives that help keep prolapse and incontinence from getting worse
  • Why even the best doctor’s training is actually a disadvantage, and what doctors can and cannot provide — so you get the most from your doctor and you know when you need additional support
  • How kegel exercises done correctly can revolutionize your sex life, so you can enjoy this meaningful and important part of life to the max

Step 2: Continue with Full Kegel Queen® membership

Including the Kegel Success in Minutes a Day How-to-Kegel Course …

to get the complete, detailed info and ongoing professional support you need to succeed with kegels.

 Please note: Yes, this webinar is the first step even if you want kegels just for the mind-blowing sex.

Join the FREE webinar now, and after that if you’d like to continue with me as a Kegel Queen member, I’ll show you exactly what to do.

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