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“My Prolapse Is Gone!”

Improvement with prolapse is typical in the Kegel Queen Program. Jill did even better:


Wow! Unbelievable that a rumor is going around that kegels don’t work! I am the Certified Professional Coder that codes for several docs, including OB/GYN. There are so many women who could do without surgery if they would get into your program.

I still do, always will do your system, kegel session one to two times per day, no big deal.

Vaginal prolapse — gone! Sex with husband, OMG! Wonderful! Hold my pee, easy!

Key, get the correct information on how to do kegels. Your system is easy to understand and can change one’s life! I didn’t even have to complete your program to learn the right way to kegel. That was an easy to understand upfront application to start immediately while completing the reading and listening of the kegel system you give. Thank you.”

Different women get different results. Will kegels help you? See our FAQ page.

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INNOVO: One ‘Shocking’ Mistake to Avoid

by ALYCE ADAMS, RN BSN   March 23, 2022   Leave a Comment

INNOVO urinary incontinence treatment “shorts” suddenly seem to be everywhere. Kegel Queen members are asking me about them, they’ve been on TV, and women are even receiving promotions in the mail.
But there’s one big mistake to avoid with INNOVO.
What’s the mistake? Using INNOVO.
What is INNOVO? INNOVO is a device that delivers low-voltage electric current, like an itty bitty shock, to stimulate your muscles to contract, including your pelvic floor muscles.
Your pelvic floor […]

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