Terms for Affiliate Representation of the Kegel Queen Program and Other Products of Peak Health Transformations, LLC

Sharing affiliate links provided to you by Peak Health Transformations, LLC (PHT) and its representatives constitutes an agreement between you and PHT. By sharing these affiliate links, you agree to our terms, including the following:

• Please refer to your account in the Affiliate Partner Center or contact us for up-to-date information on commission structure. Your earnings on each sale will vary as our offers change over time, including sales and price testing. We reserve the right to adjust the price of our product and your commission whenever and however we see fit.

• You are paid during the calendar month that follows the calendar month in which sales are made. For sales made in October, payment will be made to you in November.

• For sales made with installment payments, you will be paid in the calendar month after the customer’s payments have been completed.

• In the event that customers request and receive a refund, clawback will be applied; you will not be paid commission on those orders.

• In your promotion of the Kegel Queen Program, observing U.S. Federal Trade Commission rules and any guidelines issued by PHT regarding promotion is essential.

• At PHT, we cultivate an environment of respect, kindness, and integrity in all our relationships. It is vital that as a business associate of PHT and as a representative to the public of PHT and Kegel Queen, you likewise commit to respect, kindness, and integrity in your interactions with us and with our current and prospective customers.

• Any material you use to promote PHT programs must be either a) supplied by PHT and used verbatim, or b) approved by a PHT representative in writing.

• PHT reserves the right to close your affiliate account and end our business relationship without advance notice in the event that you do not observe the aforementioned guidelines or for any other reason.