Ask a Urogynecologist:
Interview with Dr. Betsy Greenleaf

Dr. Betsy Greenleaf is the host of the upcoming Happy Vagina Rally. She was the first female urogynecologist to be board certified in the US, and she was my guest for a live interview.

Urogynecology is the medical specialty that addresses pelvic organ prolapse and pelvic floor dysfunction. Urogynecologists focus on surgery to address those issues.

Dr. Betsy is no longer practicing in conventional medicine. She didn't fit in as a urogynecologist:
"I despised every passing moment on the medical assembly line… The system had but one goal — to collect astronomical figures at all costs, irrespective of the dearth of humanity or empathy in the process. It felt like being caught in a soulless machine."

In the interview above, Dr. Betsy and I discussed all things pelvic, including behind-the-scenes views into urogynecology and our broken medical system.

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