Interview with Kevin Ellis, the Bone Coach™

Alyce Adams, RN, the Kegel Queen and Kegel Queen Minister of Connection Jane Ebel-Leverenz talk with Kevin Ellis, The Bone Coach™ about osteoporosis/osteopenia and bone health. Kevin is a sought-after worldwide expert on osteoporosis and bone health, a certified integrative nutrition coach, and the founder of

What's the role of pharmaceutical medications in restoring bone health? What are some of the most important tests for bone health? Where do doctors go wrong?

What are some of the best foods for building stronger bones, and what are some common nutrition mistakes? What are the best forms of calcium and vitamin K? What's the best way to get collagen?

What's the most common mistake people make when trying to rebuild bone strength?

In this info-packed interview, Kevin answers all these questions and more. Recorded live on May 1, 2022.

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