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Bonus Report: Urinary Incontinence & Your Favorite Food
Bonus Report: 3 Vaginal Prolapse Mistakes

Rectocele • Cystocele • Enterocele • Prolapsed Uterus

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Vaginal Prolapse

What risks might be ok when you’re twenty-five, but can be devastating after fifty?

Estrogen Cream

Is it safe to treat vaginal dryness? Are there alternatives?

Sex After Menopause

What can happen if you take a break from sex — and can you ever go back?

Crazy Doctors

What’s the terrible advice Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Dr. Laura Berman, and Dr. Oz have all given about kegel exercises? Is your doctor’s kegel advice on track?

What? How?

How in the world could your breakfast be affecting your vagina?

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Free article about prolapse and sex

Bonus info: 3 Vaginal Prolapse Mistakes

Bonus info: Urinary Incontinence & Your Favorite Food

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Tons of hard-to-find info — vaginal prolapse, bladder control, and women's health topics from safe exercise to estrogen cream

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