Genetic Insights:
Interview with Elwin Robinson

What can your genes tell you about your health?

What conditions are you genetically at risk to develop?

And what can you do about it?

My guest is health researcher Elwin Robinson. For years, Elwin suffered with numerous health challenges, including recurrent infections, chronic pain, malnutrition, and chronic fatigue. But years of study, and a focus on unlocking the genetic keys to his own body, have led him to a new level of health and strength.

Elwin's passion is to help others, too, feel younger and healthier by following a health and wellness strategy that minimizes your genetic 'weaknesses' and makes the most of your strengths. 

In service to this passion, Elwin founded Genetic Insights to provide DNA analysis combined with science-based strategies to minimize risk and maximize health.

If you're interested in learning about your own DNA, genetic risks, and genetic strengths, and you'd like to get started right away, Elwin has offered a 25% off coupon for Kegel Queen subscribers. Use the link below to visit Genetic Insights now and apply this code to receive your 25% off: KEGELQUEEN