Pain-Free with Just Muscles:
Interview with Laura Coleman-Waite

Laura Coleman Waite is a personal trainer who has been helping clients become pain-free for 25 years — backs, shoulders, hips, knees, or any chronic muscle or joint pain. 

“I see patients in my practice every day who have been weakened by age, illness and surgery and I wish I could send them all to Laura.” ~Karen U., thoracic surgeon

“I was suffering from chronic low back pain …(which) intensified when I stood for extended periods of time and when I ran more than few miles. I’d gotten use to living with the pain and/or running despite it. Within a month after working with Laura, my back pain disappeared and has not come back.” ~ Margo F., consultant

“Laura Coleman is the best rehab trainer I have ever worked with- more knowledgeable than any PT I have had and I am a PT! Would highly, absolutely, recommend her.” ~ Marta F, P.T.