Your Money Mindset with financial strategist Brie Sodano

  • How does your spending relate to your time and energy “spending”?
  • Why don’t budgets work?
  • Does your subconscious mind control your wallet — at least sometimes?
  • What does it mean when you buy things you don’t need or even really want?
  • And what’s with that crazy story about lipstick?

If you’re less than 1,000% happy with your financial status or the way you manage your money…

Financial strategist Brie Sodano offers a new, budget-free way of managing money. Brie helps women think about money differently, feel about money differently, and create financial strategies that — unlike budgets — actually work.

Brie’s Find Your Bleed course is an easy, affordable way to get started bringing awareness and intentionality to your cash flow, transforming your relationship with money, and making money choices that help get you where you want to be.