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Free LIVE webinar with Alyce Adams, RN, the Kegel Queen
Thursday, April 11, 4 p.m. ET 1 p.m. PT Sydney Fri, Apr 12, 8 a.m.

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Thursday, April 11
4 p.m. ET 1 p.m. PT Sydney Fri, Apr 12, 8 a.m.
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In this Webinar, you get practical health info you can start to use right away


The core training exercise that can cause prolapse and ruin your sex life.
Many women seek out the Kegel Queen for help after injuring themselves at the gym, or in home workouts. This webinar shows you how to recognize two entire categories of exercise that are mega-dangers ‘down there,’ including pelvic enemy number one — so you don’t get hurt.


How to avoid surgery, even if your doctor says it’s your only choice
One in five U.S. women will have surgery to treat pelvic organ prolapse or incontinence by age 80. Rates of surgical failure and complications are especially high with this type of surgery, but most doctors don’t even tell you about alternatives. Get the facts, so you truly know what your options are, and you can make a choice you feel great about.


8 better sex benefits of doing kegels right
Kegels can help you solve problems with sex — or if sex is already great, kegels can make it even better! Women in the Kegel Queen Program are enjoying sex at all ages. Reclaim your vitality so you can enjoy this meaningful and important part of life to the max.

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Alyce Adams, RN is The Kegel Queen.

Since founding in 2009, she’s known as the most sought-after kegel exercise expert around the world. Alyce helps women who suffer with vaginal prolapse or urinary incontinence to avoid dangerous surgery and regain health and control of their body “down there.”

Alyce’s educational programs, including previous webinars, have reached over 35,000 women in 31 countries around the world.

Alyce has shared her women's health expertise as a guest blogger for the American College of Nurse-Midwives, and as a guest lecturer at Bastyr University in Seattle and the University of Rochester in New York. Most recently, she has consulted with the Stanford Biodesign Fellowship at Stanford University in California. 

She lives in Rochester, NY.

In this webinar you'll discover:

• How bladder control and pelvic prolapse can get better, without the dangers of surgery or unpleasant medication side effects, so you stay active and feel great

Two “danger-down-there” exercise moves to avoid, and safer alternatives that help keep prolapse and incontinence from getting worse

Why even the best doctor’s training is actually a disadvantage, and what doctors can and cannot provide — so you get the most from your doctor and you know when you need additional support

How kegel exercises done correctly can revolutionize your sex life, so you can enjoy this meaningful and important part of life to the max

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