The Weight Loss Sessions

Interviews with Experts in Positive, Sustainable, Healthy Weight Loss

Joyful, sustainable, healthy weight loss?

Maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of reducing the risk of urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Joyful, sustainable weight loss and weight maintenance is about good health and having love and compassion for yourself at every step.

And if you just had the thought that using the word “joyful” or “sustainable” in the same sentence as “weight loss,” you will really want to hear what these experts have to say.

I hand-picked these weight loss experts and created these interviews for you because each one of them is…
• Focused on good health, not good looks
• About being loving, supportive, and kind to yourself no matter what
• NOT into “diets” or 100% adherence to a restrictive plan
• Helping women with sustainable strategies that succeed for the long run
• Thriving at a healthy weight after their own personal struggles with weight
• A smart, kind, cool person and a personal friend of mine

You’re among the very first people ever to see these interviews. They’re raw and unedited because I wanted to make them available to you without delay.

I hope you’ll enjoy these interviews as much as I have, and that you’ll find ideas and resources here to make your weight loss journey a joyful one.

Alyce Adams, RN, the Kegel Queen

The First Ten Pounds with Vernon Brown

Vernon Brown is a former fitness model and cover model, now a weight loss coach and happiness coach. He’s a foodie and devoted home chef, dedicated to making healthy eating easy and delicious. Vernon’s sweet spot is helping women lose the first ten pounds in an enjoyable, healthy way that really works.

Click here for more about Vernon Brown and the Happi Meal Diet

Weight Loss Mindset with Mary Welch

Mary Welch is an oncology nurse practitioner who specializes in weight loss coaching for cancer survivors. She helps clients release excess weight by teaching them simple strategies that help them become fat burners so that they may reach their ideal healthy weight.

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Permanent Weight Mastery with Rita Brown

Rita Black is a weight mastery expert and clinical hypnotherapist. Rita struggled with weight in the past, but has maintained her preferred weight for 27 years. She has supported thousands of men and women in achieving weight mastery.

To learn more about mastering your weight, check out Rita's online masterclass: How to Stop The “Start Over Tomorrow” Weight Struggle Cycle and Start Releasing Weight For Good.

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