How to Beat Prolapse Surgery 
and Stay Out of Adult Diapers:

These 11 Tricks May Surprise You (and Amaze Your Doctor!)

Are you suffering with the sagging, bulging, and discomfort of prolapse?

Rectocele Cystocele Enterocele Uterine Prolapse

Do you feel the shame and embarrassment of losing bladder control?

Have you lost the pleasure you used to have with sex?

Does this sound like you?

“I know I don’t want surgery…
“I’m embarrassed. I don’t want to tell people…”
“I’m just not the same ‘down there’ and my sex life is suffering…”

“I’m not getting out the way I used to. I stay home because I’m afraid I won’t find a bathroom…

“It makes me worried about the future, scared about getting older…

“I used to be a normal, healthy person — what happened to me?

I’m Alyce Adams, RN.

I’m the Kegel Queen®.

For 15 years, I’ve been sharing the secrets of pelvic health with tens of thousands of women around the world.

I’ve lectured on pelvic floor muscle training at Bastyr University and the University of Rochester, and I’ve even consulted with the Biodesign Fellowship at Stanford University.

But years ago, I could not have imagined all this, because I was struggling.

I understand the painful feelings of shame, loneliness, and embarrassment when something’s wrong “down there”…

…because I’ve lived it.

I struggled with sneeze pee.
I struggled with heavy, sagging prolapse symptoms.
I struggled with loss of sensation with sex — for me and my husband.

I was devastated.

My confidence in myself as a woman was shattered.
And when I tried to get help, I hit one dead end after another:

Vague, confusing kegel instructions

Like “feel your vagina pulling up and in.”

What does that even mean?

How can I tell I’m doing it right?

 Kegel myths

These NOT helpful tips are not science, they’re completely made up. Like doing kegels at a red light, or “elevator kegels,” or 200 kegels a day.

Kegel gizmos

Devices for sale in every possible shape, style, and size. Take my pants off and put some garlic press looking thing in my vagina? Shock myself with an electrical device? No thanks!

First, I was discouraged. 

Then I got mad.

I deserve to feel good! I deserve to be the woman I want to be!

I made a decision to get my body back.

But HOW ?

Fast forward to today.

I do feel good.

I do feel like the woman I want to be. 

Did my sneeze pee go away?  


Did my heavy, sagging, prolapse discomfort go away?

Did my husband and I get our sex life back?

Yes… yes… YES!

And now, what makes me happier than anything?

Helping women like you.

You can hear my entire story of how I cracked the code of Real Kegels That Really Work and transformed my pelvic health…

Join me for my FREE webinar:

How to Beat Prolapse Surgery and Stay Out of Adult Diapers:

These 11 Tricks May Surprise You (and Amaze Your Doctor!)

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5 Things You Didn’t Know about Your Vagina after 50

After 14 Years of Coaching Over 3,584 Women Around the World, Registered Nurse Reveals What Really Works in this
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Have you ever felt that you were…

• Alone with your pelvic health issues ?

Unsatisfied with your doctor’s suggestions ? 

Wondering, “There’s got to be more I can do” ?

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How to Beat Prolapse Surgery  and Stay Out of Adult Diapers:

These 11 Tricks May Surprise You (and Amaze Your Doctor!)

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2 new & natural constipation treatments…
Constipation and straining can actually cause urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapse. Find out what to do so you can feel better and avoid the serious damage that can come from straining.


The core training exercise that can cause prolapse and ruin your sex life.
Many women seek out the Kegel Queen for help after injuring themselves at the gym, or in home workouts. This webinar shows you how to recognize two entire categories of exercise that are mega-dangers ‘down there,’ including pelvic enemy number one — so you don’t get hurt.


3 breakfast drinks that destroy bladder control
You might have a guess, but can you name all 3? Find out about these, and the foods that can make you leak (even super healthy ones, sometimes!), so you can get more control when you really need it.

Find out

How to avoid surgery, even if your doctor says it’s your only choice
One in five U.S. women will have surgery to treat pelvic organ prolapse or incontinence by age 80. Rates of surgical failure and complications are especially high with this type of surgery, but most doctors don’t even tell you about alternatives. Get the facts, so you truly know what your options are, and you can make a choice you feel great about.


How to do one perfect kegel
What does your favorite movie star have to do with your kegels? And how can they help you take the first vital step toward real kegels that can actually help solve your pelvic health problems? There are 4 keys to doing one high-quality kegel, and most women are missing at least 3 of them. (Don’t worry, even though a sexy movie star will be helping out with our kegels, the webinar is PG-13.)


8 better sex benefits of doing kegels right
Kegels can help you solve problems with sex — or if sex is already great, kegels can make it even better! Women in the Kegel Queen Program are enjoying sex at all ages. Reclaim your vitality so you can enjoy this meaningful and important part of life to the max.

Real women’s stories

You’ll hear the Kegel Queen’s story — how this registered nurse went from frightful to fabulous, transforming her own saggy prolapse symptoms, “sneeze pee,” and disappointing sex in just two months.

And you’ll also hear from women like you from around the world.

Grace, who finally succeeded with a pessary to support her prolapse.

Chris, who went from “tearful all the time” to “the positive feeling that everything is going to be ok.” 

Barbara, who wrote, “I’m no longer considering surgery.” 

Shoshana, who said, “I feel young, strong and free.

They’ve suffered with prolapse and incontinence, said no to surgery, and said yes to feeling great!

What women are saying about Alyce...


Fairbanks, Alaska

" After finding your website and listening to your webinar, my heart was uplifted. There was hope. There was something I could do about this embarrassing situation. "



" I totally trust you and I would tell anybody: this woman has done her homework. And it’s so clear that you care, and that you’ve worked hard on this. So I just want to thank you. "


New York

" Your integrity and sincerity come through. "


West Virginia

" Blessings to you and yours! You are an angel. THANKS SO MUCH! "



" You have been a great source of help and inspiration. "


United Kingdom

" Thanks Alyce. I am so appreciative of everything you have done for me… if I could give you a huge hug I would. So consider yourself hugged from afar. "


Victoria, Australia

" Informative and caring and your voice conveys such comforting calm and reassurance. You are Alyce The Great — so right to be Kegel Queen… "


Tigard, Oregon

" You are a treasure… You are so compassionate and kind. Thank you, thank you! God bless you… "



" You conduct your classes very professionally and sympathetically. Everything that you present is clear and understandable. "

Join the FREE webinar

How to Beat Prolapse Surgery and Stay Out of Adult Diapers:

These 11 Tricks May Surprise You (and Amaze Your Doctor!)

When you join this webinar, you get practical health info you can start to use right away

When you register, you’ll also receive this FREE exclusive report from the  Kegel Queen :

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Your Vagina after 50

In your FREE report…

Vaginal Prolapse

3 risky activities that might be ok when you’re 25, but can be devastating after 50.

Estrogen Cream

Is estrogen safe for vaginal dryness?
Are there alternatives that actually work?

Sex After Menopause

What can happen if you take a break from sex — and can you ever go back?

Crazy Doctors

What’s the terrible advice Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Dr. Laura Berman, and Dr. Oz have all given about kegel exercises? Is your doctor’s kegel advice on track?

Your Morning Routine & Your Vagina

Meet “Rhonda,” age 58, and follow her through a typical morning. Rhonda has no idea that before it’s even 12 noon, she’s already threatened her vaginal health in 10 different ways, from body mechanics to diet to stress and more. Pay close attention to Rhonda’s story before it’s too late for you!

Alyce Adams, RN is The Kegel Queen.

Since founding in 2009, she’s known as the most sought-after kegel exercise expert around the world. Alyce helps women who suffer with vaginal prolapse or urinary incontinence to avoid dangerous surgery and regain health and control of their body “down there.”

Her webinar, How to Beat Prolapse Surgery and Stay Out of Adult Diapers: These 11 Tricks May Surprise You (and Amaze Your Doctor!), has reached over 35,000 women.

She is famous for creating the Kegel Success in Minutes a Day Program, the only complete, no-devices, safe-at-home kegel exercise program created and tested by a registered nurse. The Kegel Queen Program has reached over 3,584 women in 31 countries.

Alyce has shared her women's health expertise as a guest blogger for the American College of Nurse-Midwives, and as a guest lecturer at Bastyr University in Seattle and the University of Rochester in New York. Most recently, she has consulted with the Stanford Biodesign Fellowship at Stanford University in California. 

She lives in Rochester, NY.

Your Next Easy Step
Check out the Kegel Queen's FREE webinar:

 How to Beat Prolapse Surgery and Stay Out of Adult Diapers: 
These 11 Tricks May Surprise You (and Amaze Your Doctor!)

You'll find out how to do one perfect kegel, the first step to doing kegels right.