The Queen Recommends — Live!

Water and Your Health

September 13, 2022

• How do you know you're drinking enough water? How much is too much?

• Do you need plain water, or is it OK to always drink other things?

• When you might need electrolytes — and when electrolytes are a very bad idea

• Favorite hydration tips & recipes

• Are you drinking hormone disruptors with your water? (Yikes!)

Flavorful Water or Seltzer Mix-Ins

  • Cucumber slices
  • A squeeze of lemon or lime
  • A mint sprig
  • Hibiscus tea + lime juice + optional stevia or splash of apple juice
  • Fresh “green” herbal tea: basil, fresh oregano 


Hormone disruptors from plastic could leach into your water from…

  • The lining of cans
  • Aseptic packaging (shelf stable boxes used for nut milk, broth, and other liquids)
  • Water filtration systems and plastic water supply lines
  • Single use water bottles or any plastic drink bottle
  • Reusable bottles (watch out for polymer/plastic lining in metal bottles)
  • Travel mug liners & plastic lids
  • PVC pipe as water supply

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