Success Stories

*Please note: Different women get different results. Some names have been changed to protect privacy; other women have requested that we use their real name.

This page features success stories from Kegel Queen® members who have conquered prolapse and incontinence. These results are not typical. Most people do nothing and get no results. But as you’ll see, many women get life-changing benefits with the Kegel Queen Program. I share these stories to show you what’s possible, to inspire you, so you can find out what YOUR success story looks like.

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Wanted to let you know I received your materials and found them very helpful. Incontinence went away right away. Uterus is returning to a more normal position. I’m no longer considering surgery. Thanks so much for your info. I’m so glad I learned to do kegels correctly.



I had a big win today! I tried an activity that I had to stop doing a couple years ago when I started having prolapse. My daughter and I went to this big condominium complex here in San Jose that people flock to for workouts even if they don’t live there, because it has this awesome, gigantic cement staircase of 223 steps up this huge hill. Anyhow, I made it up the stairs… twice! I didn’t leak and I’m not in any pain this evening… and I can’t wait to go again tomorrow!

ALSO… My hubby and I had only had sex once since I started the program in February and it didn’t go well. I knew something was changing last week when I actually started thinking about sex and wanted it! So, hubby and I made love two nights ago and it was wonderful!!! No pain whatsoever and very pleasurable!

I’m thankful every day that I came across Your Highness that day online. My life was completely changed by your program!!

Thank you!!


San Jose, CA


Wow! Unbelievable that a rumor is going around that kegels don’t work! I am the Certified Professional Coder that codes for several docs, including OB/GYN. There are so many women who could do without surgery if they would get into your program.

I still do, always will do your system.

Vaginal prolapse — gone! Sex with husband, OMG! Wonderful! Hold my pee, easy!

Key, get the correct information on how to do kegels. Your system is easy to understand and can change one’s life! I didn’t even have to complete your program to learn the right way to kegel. That was an easy to understand upfront application to start immediately
while completing the reading and listening of the kegel system you give.

Thank you.


Certified Professional Medical Coder


I gave Ani my kegel info and asked for her comments…

The lingering effects of pregnancy and childbirth are one of the great unspoken and untended facts of being female. Alyce is one of the few out there with the skills and the drive to help women heal themselves. The Kegel Queen has taught me that I am not alone and that I have the power to recover my body completely. We need more feminists with Alyce’s training and expertise. Thank you, Kegel Queen.

Ani DiFranco


New Orleans, LA

Eight days after doing the Kegel Queen course, Camille wrote from California:

Hi Alyce – I started doing my kegels the following day after our teleclass and have been faithfully doing them as prescribed. It has been one week, and I can tell enough of an improvement to make me want to continue. As you may remember, I had a hysterectomy scheduled for February 25th. I read about your Kegel Queen exercises and decided to cancel my appointment and give this a try. I have a prolapsed uterus and bladder and have bad stress incontinence. After only one week though, I think the incontinence is not quite as bad, so I am excited to keep it up and see what happens. Thanks so much for your class and your encouragement.

Just two days later (only 10 days after starting her kegel workout program):

Hello Alyce. I am so happy to hear from you! I am also VERY excited about my progress! I was able to walk two miles yesterday and stay almost dry!! I am thrilled and encouraged about my future. Thank you so much for all the research you have done and for your class. I am so glad I didn’t do the hysterectomy and bladder lift… This has been a frustrating and such an embarrassing problem. There’s hope on the horizon! Thanks again, Alyce and I look forward to communicating with you again.

And most recently, Camille sent me this:

Hi Alyce. I just wanted to give you a quick update as I know you are busy. WOW! My incontinence is probably 80 percent improved. I am SO happy! I am still doing kegels twice a day and probably will keep it up always. I don’t want to lose the pelvic floor strength ever again. I am so very grateful to you. I had begun feeling like I couldn’t go out in public anymore (I always had to be within sight of a bathroom). I was miserable and depressed. You really gave me back my life and freedom.



Dear Queen Alyce,

I am enjoying the practice… Your program REALLY explains how to do the Kegels in a way I’d never understood before, despite 3 previous trainings in Kegels with pelvic floor specialists. My pelvic floor feels tighter… even though I am still wetting a pad I wear… the drip is less!!!

And I notice I’m not getting up, but once during the middle of the night to pee… so far, so good!



Note: Before she found the Kegel Queen Program, Paula had pelvic surgery four times: prolapse procedures, incontinence procedures, and a hysterectomy. She had also had two episiotomies (cuts into the vagina and pelvic floor muscles during childbirth).

This series of messages from Chris in the U.K. tells her story.

February 13
Dear Alyce
I am eagerly awaiting your program. I was diagnosed with a bladder prolapse last week and I’m having a hard time accepting it. I have most of the symptoms but luckily no leaking even when sneezing etc. I feel horrible though, it’s really messing with my head.
I feel sick at just the thought of what’s happening and I can’t stand the feeling in my vagina. I’m tearful all the time. I just want to feel normal again. I have read so many articles on so many websites and it’s so confusing. My Doctor just gave me a printed sheet and said do those exercises which I have followed but are they the correct ones and am I doing them right. Then I found you and listened to your advice and I’m hoping you can help me. I am looking forward to your program.

February 19, 11:08 a.m.
Hi Alyce
Enjoyed being with you on Sunday for Q & A and thank you for answering my questions. I do feel much more positive and more relaxed than I did when the doctor told me I had a prolapsed bladder. I was devastated and so upset. Now I feel that everything is going to be fine.
Thanks again

February 19, 2:28 p.m.
I think the most important thing for me after listening to the ‘Minutes a Day’ program is that I feel more positive about myself and relaxing and breathing correctly certainly helps to hold a kegel a little bit longer. Cannot thank you enough Alyce for your program.

February 21
Hi Alyce
Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with Cystocele and started your program. Yesterday I had a different feeling and went back to the doctor’s today and unfortunately now have a slight Rectocele as well. I’m feeling a bit down right now. The doc was willing to get me a referral to a specialist but I told her that I wanted to carry on with your program first and hopefully succeed. If there are any further changes she asked me to go back to see her.
Looking forward to your comments

February 22
Help Alyce
Symptoms getting much worse and I’m losing hope. I know I’ve probably had these prolapses for a while without symptoms but suddenly it’s all gone crazy. I’ve been working on the kegels and doing them the correct way but my prolapses are getting worse right now. The (slight) rectocele was diagnosed yesterday but now I can feel it at the opening of my V. I feel disgusting. 2 weeks ago I was a normal fit person and now I’m falling apart. Please send some support.

March 29
Chris’s answers to the Kegel Queen’s questionnaire

Before the KQ Program, my prolapse was like this: I could feel it all the time and always had the heavy sagging feeling.

Now, my prolapse is like this: I don’t feel the prolapse anymore and the heavy feeling only occasionally.

Other changes I’ve noticed since doing the KQ Program: I now have inner strength and have the belief that if I work hard enough at something/anything, I WILL succeed.

The most valuable thing I’ve gained from doing the KQ Program is…having the Kegel Queen’s support all the time and taking her advice has given me the positive feeling that everything is going to be ok.

Thanks Alyce. I am so appreciative of everything you have done for me. I am going to keep listening to your monthly webcasts and will keep in touch. thanks again. Chris

April 26
Hi again Queen Alyce
Well…after a wonderful trip to the Canary Islands for a week and being totally ‘chilled out’ I finally got to see a specialist today. He was wonderful. Explained everything about prolapses first, then about treatments. Here in the UK prolapses are mild, medium and severe (I was told by my doc that mine were mild). The Specialist told me that only in severe cases was surgery even considered. Then he explained exactly what he was going to do about examining me. When he felt inside my vagina and told me to squeeze, I did my normal kegel and he was so pleased at the strength of it. Then after I was dressed he said that both my prolapses (cystocele and rectocele) were TINY and to keep up with whatever I was doing because it was working. I can’t tell you just how happy I felt but I’m sure you can imagine.

So, after my episiotomy and 17 stitches in 1979 and my hysterectomy in 1988 and my IBS and Diverticular and polycystic kidneys and feeling like my prolapses could only get worse, I now find that they are much better and almost gone!!!!!!! AND it’s all thanks to you and your program and my hard work keeping at it… never giving in. I shall be going for my second Arvigo massage in a couple of weeks. I will continue to keep you informed of my progress.

Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart. We travel to the USA a lot and if I could give you a huge hug I would. So consider yourself hugged from afar.

And to everyone who might read this don’t give up, Queen Alyce’s program really works if you are prepared to work hard too.

Take care Alyce.



I’ve been doing the Kegel Queen’s program for only two weeks, and I’m already having better sex.

Jenny C.

Rochester, NY

Dear Queen Alyce,

Your program is wonderful. I only discovered you last week. I have been suffering from incontinence for years. I am 53 years old and lead an active life. Having to wear pads to catch my leaking pee makes it difficult for me to do the things I love, Hiking, camping, skiing etc. I have tried physical therapy but found it unsuccessful. The embarrassment and despair of basically having to wear a diaper for the rest of my life weighed heavy on me. After finding your website and listening to your webinar, my heart was uplifted. There was hope. There was something I could do about this embarrassing situation. I started to do Kegels with the directions from your website. I ordered your “kit.” I hesitated a moment at the price until I realized it was a little more than one session with the unhelpful physical therapist. Having received the packet, it is worth every penny!

Reading and listening to all the information I realized that I have undiagnosed prolapsed bladder and rectum. I am kegeling twice a day and have noticed a slight improvement. I am inspired and feel supported to stick with your program. I was so excited and relieved to find a solution that I cried when your information came in the mail. I look forward to sending you my success story.

Thank you so much!!


Fairbanks, Alaska

Improvement with prolapse is typical with the Kegel Queen Program. Brielle did even better…

I started the Kegel Queen program as a desperate attempt to improve a cervical [uterine] prolapse that has been affecting my health for nearly three years. After only two months, I have seen incredible results and a complete disappearance of my symptoms. As I watch all of my mother’s friends forced into hysterectomies, I feel so thankful that I’ve found the Kegel Queen Program and can pass it on to other women.

As a midwife, I’m quickly finding that the Kegel Queen Program can help my clients too. Just recently, I taught the proper kegel routine to a client with a severe perineal tear, and only two weeks later, she has no discomfort and is feeling great.

Most importantly, the Kegel Queen exercises are not just for strengthening the pelvic floor but also for learning to relax it, which is such an important tool for birth and a great asset for all women.

Brielle Epstein

Certified Professional Midwife

Austin, TX

I thought the class was very beneficial. As far as my own practice I am doing my kegels with much more dedication and am seeing results! I exercise a lot, often vigorously (such as jumping jacks) and have noticed significantly less leakage. I guess I also decided that after having my first baby four and 1/2 months ago and feeling the rest of my body regaining strength it just wasn’t acceptable that my pelvic floor wasn’t following suit! Thank you again!


New York

Hi Alyce,
Thank you so much for all your work in researching and putting together all the information about the pelvic floor. You have clarified many things for me about how our bodies work and what is happening with my body.

I appear to have uterine prolapse. When I asked my Dr. during my last pap smear if everything “looked okay in there” her reply was “Oh, it just looks like the normal sagging from aging.” This was not informative, or helpful. I have never had a problem with incontinence so I was surprised to figure out (on my own, since my Dr. was not interested in giving me any information) that I have prolapse. Sometimes it will be protruding into my vagina, sometimes it’s not.

I then found your website and ordered your book and CDs about Kegels. I am very glad to have found your information since everything else I read about prolapse sounded awful. I’m now doing Kegels with more knowledge and concentration and I think things are getting better.

Thanks again for all your research and encouraging support for women. You are a refreshing change from the norm. I plan on doing my kegels from here on out. Thanks to your information they make sense now. I appreciate your work!

Two months later, Susan writes:

The good news is that my prolapse is doing really well. I haven’t felt it protruding into my vagina for weeks! So, I haven’t felt the saggy feeling in my vagina either. I am so pleased that my prolapse is not being a problem right now! Thank you for that!!



I gave Gina my kegel info and asked for her comments…

For years I experienced bulging from my vagina whenever I moved my bowels, due to a rectocele. I didn’t have the vaginal tone to keep everything in place, and often had to use two fingers inside my vagina to “splint” the interior wall between my vagina and rectum
while I pooped. Learning how to do kegels correctly has made a difference, even though I haven’t been doing as many kegels as the Kegel Queen recommends. I rarely have to “splint” anymore, and don’t have to put all my parts back in place after pooping. I’ve also noticed that since doing kegels correctly, it’s easier to find my cervix now when checking cervical mucus for fertility charting. It used to get lost back up behind my bulging bladder.

Yay! I love the Kegel Queen Program because it has me really connecting with my body and taking charge of my own health care, without gadgets, gimmicks, or surgery. Thanks Kegel Queen!


Full-time mom

The information that I received from you has been very helpful & I am glad that I purchased it.

After doing the Kegel exercises for a couple months, I can already feel the change. My doctor was glad that the exercises were helping as well. I have also found that walking also helps.

Also, I am taking a premarin cream at a very minimal dosage, three times a week at bedtime. I was having issues with a prolapsed uterus and after using these procedures, it has improved greatly. Thanks for all you do for people like us.



Dear Alyce,
Last night, during a session of Israeli folk dancing, as I was stumbling around in the back trying to follow the steps of the participants who must have been taking the class for months or years, it hit me: I had not danced for years, because I was afraid to, and now, here I am, at my second class in a week, having the time of my life. And I am not worried about leaking! The situation is not 100% and I do wear a pad but the fact is that I have been dancing and focusing on learning the steps and nothing else. I feel young, strong and free. When I realized how dramatic the change was that made this possible I knew I had to share the news with you. The first time we talked I told you my goal was to be able to dance, and here I am, experiencing a new joy I did not believe would be mine, after a few months of daily exercising. Thank you so much and please share my good news.



I want to be vibrantly healthy in my elder years (I’m sixty now and looking forward) and that includes all parts of my body. The materials you created, the website, and your teleclasses are clear and easy to understand. I appreciate all the research you put into this. Thank you for teaching me how to do kegels correctly!


Tega Cay, South Carolina

Thank you for all that you taught me, it helped me through a difficult time.



Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your presentation on the CD’s and the workbook. Your materials were easy to understand and engaging, and I thought the instruction was very clear and motivating. I am still not doing the kegels like I should, but I feel that I am on the right track, and I can hear your voice in my head making me feel at ease about it!



I’ve enjoyed my time with you and I know I will have continued improvement with your techniques.



Since listening to the conference I have been practicing and the most benefit is when I’m about to sneeze then the Kegel kicks in because I’ve been practicing, to avert misfortune—and that’s very good.


New Jersey

Age 52

My friend Wendi became a customer, then was so impressed with the Kegel Queen Program that she has become part of our business. (That’s a disclosure: Wendi now works with me.)

Devices do not work! I know, I have tried and despite the fear of being electrocuted, I followed the electrical pulse device protocol and it did nothing for my prolapse. I abandoned the device to a low shelf in my linen closet and have not looked back. Now I know that Kegels done correctly work and my prolapse is much better. Thanks to Kegel Queen Alyce and her determination to help women, there is a tested and proven method to reverse many female “conditions” and with the added benefit of stronger orgasms, like before baby!


New York

Dear Alyce,
Your program definitely worked for me. I never really understood Kegels before this, and now, I have a clear understanding and have really increased my pelvic floor strength. Thanks for all the work you have put into this.



Alyce, GREAT NEWS! Tomorrow it will be my 7th day doing Kegels religiously and so far my incontinence has improved a lot! I am seeing a difference.



Hi Alyce,
Dropping by to say that the exercises have remarkably improved my life. Thank you so much for getting this very much needed information out to women. The effects in others’ lives are like the stone thrown into the lake with circles going out further and further.

Blessings to you and yours! You are an angel. THANKS SO MUCH!


West Virginia

You have been a great source of help and inspiration.



Elizabeth, 68, suffered with a rectocele (prolapsed rectum). She thought she had learned to do kegel exercises correctly, but for months, she had been doing kegels that didn’t work. She planned for surgery. Improvement with prolapse is typical with the Kegel Queen Program, but Elizabeth’s results were even better. After just two weeks of the program, “I went back in for another examination and they couldn’t find the rectocele.” Surgery was canceled. Elizabeth said, “I had no idea how powerful this could be.”

I have followed the CDs and the outline and have found them both clear and easy to follow. I want you to know that I am very thankful for you and your program.

At 68 I can testify that it is never too late.



It’s been 2 months now, and I don’t notice the bulging anymore, and definitely I have more pelvic strength.


Nova Scotia, Canada

I think that your Kegel Queen program is excellent. I’ve shared your DVD w/ my youngest daughter who is interested in learning more about kegels and the pelvic bowl/floor.

Thank you for sharing your journey and the experiences of other women. This makes me feel a part of a larger community and gives me support to heal.

I am a firm believer in kegels, and appreciate beyond measure the work and training in pelvic floor strengthening and understanding from the Kegel Queen.


Stillwater, Oklahoma

Hi, Alyce,

Just finished listening to a replay of your latest Kegel Queen’s ‘audience’ — Excellent! as always! Informative and caring and your voice conveys such comforting calm and reassurance. You are Alyce The Great — so right to be Kegel Queen…

With Best Wishes and Regards


Victoria, Australia


I have been doing your kegel workout for little more than a week now. That saggy and urge to urinate with every step has subsided. At times I still have a strong urge but it is not as bad as before I started your program…



Pukalani, Hawaii

Dear Alyce,

When will the audio from the 12/11 call be available on the website? I missed the first half of the call and would like to listen to what I missed.

BTW — I have been doing kegels for 6 months now, tho not as religiously as I should, sometimes missing a week or two at a time. But, good news, when I went to the urogynecologist a few months ago, she said that my prolapse was much improved, that I didn’t need to follow up with her anymore unless things got worse again (and I’m not going to let that happen!).

So, from being on the verge of surgery, to “See ya later!” just due to doing kegels the RIGHT way!

Thanks, Alyce… and Merry Christmas — Happy New Year!


Canton, Michigan

I received the material and have read through most of it. I am doing my exercises and I am feeling results. The heaviness is leaving and I am beginning to feel like myself again. It is a great relief, because I thought I may have to have surgery.

Thank you,


Langhorne, Pennsylvania

I received my shipment about two weeks ago and have been working diligently on my Kegels. I believe there is a lessening of the wetting already!

I am very pleased with all the information provided — it is a tremendous amount to absorb, but I will persist.

Thank you for being available to so many of us.



Belleville, Canada

You are very informed on all our issues and thank you for continuing to help us all. You are a treasure. The Kegels really do work! You are so compassionate and kind. Very patient, too. Thank you, thank you!

God bless you……



Tigard, Oregon

Hi Alyce

Thank you so much for your continuing support. I have not had time to join in with the calls but thanks to your ongoing emails, I have restarted my Kegel routine after getting out of the habit! I definitely feel it is helping with the prolapse.

Best wishes


London, UK

Hi Alyce,
I have just got back yesterday from a two week business trip and leave on Saturday for a weeks exhibition in Wales, so unfortunately will not be able to join you for this Sundays call. I should be fine for the next one and look forward to listening to the recording.

You will be pleased to know I have been sleeping right through the night for almost 3 weeks now without having to go the bathroom!!

Best Wishes


Manchester, UK

I gave Patty my kegel info and asked for her comments… here’s a comment about one of my live Q & A calls.

I thought you did a great job keeping the call interesting, delivering what was promised, and in handling questions. Your integrity and sincerity come through.

and Patty’s comment about the program in general…

I thought I was pretty well-educated about my body and women’s health topics, but this is information I’ve never seen anywhere else. The kegel Queen’s instructions are very specific, well-researched, and easy to understand. Now I’m sure that I’m doing these exercises right! Hail to the Queen!

Patty Love

Rochester, New York

Hi Alyce,

God bless you for what you’re doing — helping women keep themselves intact the way God intended! My progress is slow but the more I have focused on the kegels the better I am doing and the less problems I’m having!

Thank you so much! Your research saved me from the only other alternative I was told I had — partial hysterectomy.



Cottage Grove, Minnesota

Hi Alyce,

So glad I found you and thank you for mailing me the book, study guide, etc. Thank you for all the help & information you have provided. Between you and Mayan massage, you saved me when my doctor offered no more help than estrogen cream.


Bremerton, WA

I’m really happy with the classes and the course. Last week has been a bit hectic for me, as will next week, so I haven’t got a proper regime in place — yet. But when I do do the Kegels I do them following the Royal rules. And I definitely notice a difference in tone. That said I still find them tough, not in a big way, but far tougher than the ‘kegels’ I did before. You know those ‘kegels’ — at the traffic lights, when you’re doing the dishes etc etc. The diagrams of the pelvic diaphragm/hammock muscle group help in a big way. I now have an image to hold in my head as I do the exercises and I find that a BIG help. Not sure if that is normal or not, but I feel now I understand what I’m after, so to speak.

Thank you


Louisburgh, Ireland

You truly do good work for many women and from a teacher’s standpoint, you conduct your classes very professionally and sympathetically. Everything that you present is clear and understandable.



Hello Alyce, (um, er, Your Royal Majesty)

Just writing to let you know how happy I am to have found you. I enjoyed the teleclass and am reading through the material as well as practicing my Kegels. I am committed to improving my pelvic floor strength!
Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience, your success, and the program you created, in order to spread your knowledge so that we may all benefit.



Hamilton, Ohio

Dear Alyce,

I want to thank you for all the very helpful information and support you have offered me and others over the last several months. I am glad I that took the time and commitment to practice the kegel exercises so consistently.

May 2011 be a year of health, happiness and peace for you and your family.

With a smile,


Colts Neck, New Jersey

Marlene is a friend who became a customer. I asked for her comments…

I always thought kegels just didn’t work. I didn’t know I was doing them wrong, for years!

Marlene Elliott


Portland, Oregon

Your instruction has made my practice so much more effective. Thank you so much for being there right when I needed you… the material and the class are so well organized. My doctor thought he had taught me to do kegels… but I gained so much more by the additional information that you have provided. I really appreciate all that you have shared so far and your encouragement to stay with the program. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Mary M.



Hi Alyce,
It has been a week since the teleclass. I have been doing my Kegels everyday. I can fit two sets in during the day, morning and night, and sometimes a third set during the middle of the day. When you said that you had a little one to care for when you started and could only do two sets a day that motivated me further. I knew I could make two sets happen and the third set would be gravy.

What did I learn that was new? Just about everything with exception of the myths because I had been misled into believing they were truth. The “Exercises to make sure you’re contracting the pelvic floor” was beneficial and reassuring. I could feel the contraction and I could also see it moving. It was very neat.

The entire book was great. I didn’t know about these muscles. As in where it was, what it was attached to, or it’s function or that there were muscles there. Also, the book was easy to understand, short, straightforward. The way all instructional books should be.
The Figures were especially helpful. I can visualize what and where things are happening and can focus on the feelings and sensations. Honestly, I didn’t think the breathing would be helpful. It was not tantalizing at all… but now I know better.

Instead of tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position to fall asleep at night I have been breathing and doing my Kegels and having to keep myself awake to finish. The breathing helps me relax and I fall asleep with the farewell breaths. Kegels have become my giant bowl of ice cream at the end of the day.

I am looking forward to the discussion forum (I enjoyed listening to the other women’s questions and your answers, even if you didn’t always have the answer) and kegel buddies and especially sharing this with my friends. I would love to get on the PA at the grocery store and share this with everyone. This knowledge helps me to appreciate my body and the great things it can do. I actually feel more feminine and for me that makes me feel good about myself. Thank you for your hard work and willingness to share it with others.

I also wanted to mention that you discussed this topic in such a professional compassionate way that, even though I was at home, I did not feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. I actually want to tell every woman I see about the Kegel Queen. (Do you have any T-shirts?) What I’m saying is that you did a good job. Thank you.




Dear Queen Alyce, Congratulations on your marvelous production. You have done a great deal of research and presented it well. Your dedication will help many grateful members of your court! The secret package arrived yesterday. With your guidance, I will get to work on this program as best I can. Thank you! Your humble servant…


Chevy Chase, Maryland

Age 79

Thanks, Alyce, for all of your help and customer service. You are awesome.



Pat is a friend of mine who attended my very first audio course as a customer. Afterwards, she emailed me…

Alyce: You were terrific and the work is powerful.

Patricia Chichon

Nurse Practitioner
Lambertville, New Jersey

I have a serious uterine prolapse and have had it for probably 18-20 years. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. Over the years, I’ve had several doctors want to do a hysterectomy, but with no other problems, I kept delaying. Besides, just because I’ve had my children, that isn’t reason enough for me to remove my organs. Nor are they cancerous. So, I’ve kept dealing with the problem and researching. Now 7 years into menopause, I still do know when I ovulate. It’s infrequent, but why take that away? The hormones still do work a bit.

I had been doing Kegels all these years, but not with the intensity that you prescribe. By some strange coincidence when I did an internet search, I came across Kegel Queen, and my curiosity made me check you out. I have been doing the Kegels as you prescribed ever since, and I must admit that it feels so good not to have my uterus protruding between my legs. No, I’m not ‘healed’ but I’m so much more comfortable and in control ‘down there.’

Thank you for your insight.


St. Joseph, Michigan

Hi Alyce,

Thank you very much! The Sunday call was very helpful for me. I think your program and your whole approach to this is wonderful. Learning how to do kegels right and having your support as well as all the other women out there is really great, so thank you!


Peekskill, New York

*Please note: Different women get different results. These results are not typical. Most people do nothing and get no results. Many women get life-changing benefits with the Kegel Queen Program. Some names have been changed to protect privacy; other women have requested that we use their real name.