Who Is the Kegel Queen?

alyce_adams_2108Welcome! I’m the Kegel Queen. I’m a registered nurse, and my name is Alyce Adams. I’m glad you’re here!

After I became a mom, I suffered with saggy prolapse symptoms, leaking pee, and disappointing sex. Then, through a year of medical and scientific research, I uncovered the kegel secrets that completely solved those problems for me (and made my husband a very happy man).

alyce_adams_2248Today, my mission is to expose the kegel exercise myths most women believe so they, too, can discover Real Kegels That Really Work.TM

I’ve already helped women in 19 countries around the world enjoy the life-changing benefits of the Kegel Queen Program: no diapers, no surgery, and mind-blowing sex. I’m here to help you, too!

When I’m not wearing my tiara, you’ll usually find me either in the kitchen or at the farmer’s market. I’m a devoted foodie, and I’m proud to say that nearly 100% of what I feed my family is local, organic, and made from scratch. Our favorite dinner these days is black bean and chicken stew, with green peppers, lime juice, and plenty of sweet white onion.

I also love to spend time with my beautiful family, tell jokes with my friends, watch the birds and other wildlife in our wooded back yard, read (non-fiction, but also Harry Potter) and do almost anything outdoors.